Writing Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire

Word for word, every line of sentence in a piece of writing is a chance to influence how readers think. Yeah, that’s what we do when we write. The writer, as per their craft, gets to play god. You own characters. The heck, you create them. You give them existence and choose what becomes of them. That’s one hell of a power you didn’t think you had.

The average heart thuds a billion beats before signing out. While it does, a lot of wishes ring in and out of it. But too many of them go down for the count. But now, you have the chance to change your narrative—your desires can come true. It begins with the first step—getting trained.

Alright, I know you so want to learn writing now. “But how do I start?”. Join my train and get trained. I’ll show you all the back-end tricks. Everything the whole world’s keeping from you. Paranoid much? All your worries are solved. Join up!

“Hey, you better stop right there ‘cause I’m freaking out already”. That’s rather weird. “Plus, I’m not the writer”. Dude, perish the thought. You started setting pen to paper since like kindergarten. How many exciting children books did you hear about but never got to read for yourself? The gift of writing is in every breathing human. It’s as innate as the ability to think. You know who else is always right about this? You guessed right. Shout out to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Workshop for life. So rise and revenge that past. Punish it well. Not by going to the bookstore down the lane. Write one hell of a draft for a start. I’ll show you how to finish it up.

Knowledge is power. Amen, knowledge of writing is all-powerfulness. Get your feet wet or go home pretty damned quick. Your time starts now. Learn these powerful secrets and become tomorrow’s best writer today. Did you say yes now? That’s so you already. No dilly-dallies this 2019. Else, 7-year-old Michelle Nkamankeng will clear your doubt forever with her four-part series.

Writing—fiction and nonfiction alike—is interesting. It’s like photography; every view is fascinating if you are close (or far) enough. But whatever the reader’s view, you—the writer—remain the narrator. Everyone likes to hear stories. But don’t be the hearer. Be the doer.

MADDA Training is not that same old same old. It’s all new. Intuitive. And the real deal. We won’t fatigue you with backbreaking, eye-deadening sets of rules that suck like adverbs. We introduce easy-to-learn, time-tested, intuitive writing techniques. Rudiments that could impel a self-directed learning approach to the art of writing. Discover these little big secrets. Master them and smash your first writing project in short order. And to hang the moon, deal it a deathblow with a George Orwell grade epilogue. But mind your p’s and q’s and make sure you are ready for a comeback installment. Cause your fans are going to come on strong ready to eat up a horse of a sequel.img-20190116-wa0009

This training is for all. Freelance writers, bloggers, authors, aspiring writers, business people, and about anyone. For further inquiries and to register your interest, use the contact details below:

mosesxwisdom@gmail.com +2348067082967; +2348137770294


Wanna be the writer? Join the train. Get trained.

Bayo Moses, Creative Director & Team Lead @MADDA



Is there more than meets the eye to your conversion story? Here’s what Randy Epps has to say about his. Share yours, dramatic or not!

My Rainy, Windy Life


This last Sunday evening, I gave my testimony of the day I was born again at my church.

It wasn’t the first time.

Probably, I have told the story a couple of hundred times…I never tire of the story because, with every telling, a new layer of the presence of God emerges.

But, this time, after I finished, after the service, as someone was talking to Wendy and I, I discovered something obvious that I had never realized before.

The story contains my fall from “the good person” I considered myself to be.

You see, I was working for Dr Pepper in a job as route salesman. I loved my job. I was good at it. I stole from the company, got caught, got fired.

I took any job I could find.

My dad helped me get a job at Skaggs Albertson’s in Garland working on the…

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Tribute to my brother. {God’s General}

Orji Odinaka Christian May 27th 1988 – December 27th 2018

I received the news in shock. How could that possibly be. In my heartest of hearts, I hoped and believed you’d overcome this. Word had gone out about your healing. We looked beyond your circumstance and saw a bright end, one that would shake the world, a testimony for God’s glory. We presented our case before God of your commitment to His house. Oh, how you loved His house and promoted His cause. You had no need to join a unit. Wherever a vacuum existed, wherever needed to be tendered to, you filled in with all fervency. You looked beyond our age differences and did chores around the house. Shared your dreams and burdens to all who cared to listen. We had our misunderstandings but you always cared.

It was a full house as the church organised a service of songs in your honour. The number of persons who testified of your humility and selflessness was enough to dry out our tears. We were humbled at their presence and the testimonies that sprang forth.

 “He lived a life full of Godliness. His life was worthy of emulation. Even the devoted saw him as a mentor. It’s really sad I never got to shake hands with you, grip you with a smile inquiring how you were faring. Now you’re no more. When you sweep the sanctuary with great zeal, cut the grass like it’s your own compound, hanging your cross bag around your neck. 

No doubt you’re with your Father in heaven. That’s where you belong. Goodnight bro. Christian. The entire LFCS will miss you.”                                                       – Aminu Ayuba. 

“My tribute to a man of faith and service, Mr. Odinaka Orji. Even in death you remained calm and brave. Our hearts are reassured that you’re resting in the Lord’s bosom. In this, we are comforted. I salute you great comrade. You fought gallantly, you kept faith and hope alive. Rest on brother. To my friend Nkiru, I stand with you. I am praying for you.  This is not a loss though it seems so temporarily, yet we will gain him for all eternity. He has fallen asleep yet we will see him at ressurection. Death your victory is short, you are the biggest loser.”                               – Odejobi kolawole.

There are so many things I wish for right now, but God knows best. I’m grateful to everyone who stood by in prayers. I’d exhaust a leaflet if I’m to place a name tag on y’all. However, they’re a couple of persons i’m indebted to. Anazodo Chinelo, Odejobi Kolawole, Okpe Victoria, Pastor Kim, Faturoti Olutola, Daniel Lazarus, Abu Ojochide, Abu Simeon. Y’all are miracles from heaven. Gracias! I had began collating a progressive detail of your journey through this dilemma anticipating it’s final conquest before telling the universe how God brought you out. I won’t be doing that anymore. One thing is certain, we have the victory. We overcame leukamia. Granted He’d have brought you out but He chose to call you home. We may never understand why He did it, He probably considered it a better option. Whatever His reason is, He’s unquestionable. We’re saddened you didn’t live a long healthy life, however we are joyful you lived for God and we’re confident you’re right beside Him in glory. Sometimes I try to imagine where your spirit is, if you can see/hear us or if you even wish you were here with us too. I can’t wait for resurrection. We’ll see you again. You’re only asleep dear brother. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord till we meet at Christs’ call. We love you dearly.

Hello Mango Lovers…

Fruits are such a healthy way to maintain metabolism. There’s this joy that engulfs me when i return from work and i’m welcomed with aroma springing from bananas, pineapple and ohhh…mango. They stick in between your tooth every now and then but you just gotta love them. 

It’s pretty amazing the number of recipes you could create from fruits. Today, i did a lil’ spin on a colleague’s Mango puree.

Pair up this creamy love with marble cake crumble and caramel cage and you’re in for a tasty treat. You’ve gotta try it. Dont forget to thank me later.

Kindness, A Choice Battle! 

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning in my geographic base. The cloud hasn’t rested for a couple of days, releasing showers of rain and making me cling to my duvet all day long. 

I almost ran out of ideas on what to scribble up for today. Truthfully, I didn’t give it much of a thought. I figured I’ll just go through my archives, get a catch phrase and viola!. Little did I know I’d be handed a saucy gist on a platter. 

I’m not your regular kinda lady who detests Mondays. On the contrary, I look forward to it cuz it ushers me into streams of magnificence.  As I rounded up my run arounds yesterday, I bumped into a fellow heading the same direction as myself but unable to get through. Being that “change” is a scarce commodity in this part of the world and seeing the pregnant clouds, I opted to pay his fare. It was just a farthing after all. Unknown to me we boarded the same vehicle again to our final destination and just as i was about settling my debt, he asked from behind where I was headed and its cost and returned the favour. Not only did he offset my bill, he left the “change” with me still. All for one single act of kindness. To think that he paid five times what I assisted him with is humbling. 

We live in a world where we tend not to intermeddle the affairs of others for reason of having our own issues to handle. However, a little unsolicited kindness has a ripple effect to the populace. Just last week I took a decision to settle a score despite being the offended. The resultant joy and peace that overwhelmed me having done that cannot be described with words. Whenever you’re opportuned to sow a seed of kindness, do so without expecting a payback. I’m elated each time I help someone out with a thing or two. I don’t get treated that way most times and it hasn’t changed me from being nice when required. In the end, it’s a really small world. You may never know when those seeds will spring up a bountiful harvest. Be the difference!!

Speak Wisely! 

“Walls have ears” are words we were made to believe in our growing years. We often spoke in whispers so our conversations would not be at the mercy of the wall’s ears. Should our little “chat” sneak to the hearing of others, we assume the walls told on us. Phew! The myths we lived by!!

There are no fewer than 50authored books stating the importance, power, potency, anthenticity of our words. Life is essentially spiritual, a pastor friend of mine often says. If we go by this clause, we’d understand how our words play out to reality. I’m particular at what I utter and even more cautious at what anyone says to me. Often times I’ve wrestled with carefree ‘speech lancers’. Playing silent when someone says anything offensive isn’t the way to go. An adage says, “he who keeps still, agrees to the allegations”. Thus, you agree to terms of what’s been said to you if you do not challenge it. 

When certain positive utterances are made, chances are we have no intention as to how they’ll play out. Our current circumstance may not accommodate us to launch into that realm however, press on. In the end, you’ll look over the years and realize how much your life’s been transformed by your prophesies. Our resolve hence is to speak positively concerning the future we crave disregarding the absurdity of doing so because in the end, our future is in our words!!


Been a while folks. How’s the sixth month coming along? Mine’s been full of adventures and felicitations as there were lots of birthdays and anniversaries of high school friends and colleagues alike. 

23rd June is a yearly reminder of the faithfulness of Yahweh. I look over the years and I can’t help but laud His name for the huge breaks He makes happen for me per second. I won’t have gone this far without His hand pulling me through, His chastisement and discipline. Some experiences I learnt the hard way, some I culled up from others(i prefer the latter).

It’s pretty funny how people take a glance through your life and think you’re carefree, prolly aiming at nothing or making no plans for a chapter upgrade. Today however, I choose to look beyond the naysayers and critics, constructive and otherwise. Allow me dwell on the plethora things to which my heart is constantly at a jiggle. 

For Grace! I fall short daily. Not something I’m proud of. The struggle is really hard I must confess, yet He loves me still. I wish I could love the way He does. Thank You for loving me so recklessly!!!

For family! I’ve had rough days with them but I’m thankful still. They make up the most part of my story. All I’ve achieved to a large extent was via their input. And for the many times you condone my excesses, thank you! 

For my giftings in writing. I’m amazed at how much my mind can generate when I’m faced down with all pen. This treasure, I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

For Phaneros! They believe in my music journey, pushes me to aim high and leave my comfort-range-zone. Gracias!!!

For culinary mentors! Chef Stone, Chef Zee, Chef Ari, Chef Hannah, Chef Muse, Chef Touché, Chef Shuby. God bless y’all. Keep inspiring me to dream big. 

For great friends! I’ve got quite a few. They keep me in check when my heart beats twice as fast its normalcy. I’ll skip the mentions as they’re self-identifiable. 

And if you’re still wondering why June 23rd holds a plaque in my heart, it’s the commemoration of my conception. Amidst all life’s unveiled, I’m grateful for life itself and the bunch of aforementioned highlights. Cheers to a new age! Cheers to greater strides!! Cheers to magnificent accomplishments!!! Joveux anniversaire à moi!!!! 

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